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Work In Progress Wednesdays sound like a good motivation to keep up on my weekly project reports, so here is my trial run!

I have a couple WIPs at the moment (errr… so much for my knitting monogamy?), but the one thats currently the most fun are my Hedera socks.

Knit up in Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine in a sort of complex deep red colorway. It’s hard to capture in photos but the color is gorgeous and it matches the red in my safire cardigan.

We’ve had extremely hot weather the last few days, so it feels much more appropriate to knit up something lacey. These are my first pair of lace socks, and I love how stretchy they are turning out to be. Hopefully they will stay up better than my first 2 pairs, and since I’m making these normal length instead of kneehigh, I wont get sock-burn-out-syndrome again. The lace is a very simple 4 row repeat, very easy to memorize which makes these a perfect travel project. This is also my first project working with twisted rib, and I love the way it looks!


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