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It was absolute love at first sight, and I had to take them home with me.

A Fluevog store near(ish… still a mile’s walk but worth it) to my work just opened. I spotted it a few weeks ago when I went to a new haircutting place. They close at 6, I get off work at 6, so I had to settle with drooling through the window because they were closed every time I passed by. Well… yesterday when I went to purchase the buttons for my Owls during my lunch break I had the brilliant idea of stopping by Fluevog before heading back to work, to try on a pair of strappy shoes that I was particularly salivating over. Those shoes ended up being too pointy for my taste, but these made my heart skip a beat:

I sigh every time I look at them. Not only are they omgCUTE, but they are also omgCOMFORTABLE. Comfortable heels. WHAT? Really, more comfortable than some of my flat shoes. I love retro-y heels but I walk a lot and I hate uncomfortable shoes. I’m still amazed at how nice they feel to walk in. I’m still lusting over the Bond girl boots too. Been wanting Fluevog boots since I saw an amazing pair of my friend Michelle, but I just can’t buy shoes I can’t try on. But now I can!!! *happy dance*

Enough on shoes. By some sort of miracle, I was able to dodge the weekend work bullet today and got to stay home to finish projects, pack, and run errands. I finished a ton of projects today!!!! The owls are blocked and I sewed on most of the buttons, I finished the ever-dragging-on houndstooth scarf (when I get back I want to write up the pattern and post it), finished the neckwarmer and bought some cool buttons for it, and finished the thumbs on the mittens. Pictures posted soon! I also tried to do some packing, but somehow every time I tried I went into zombie mode I managed to move my clothes from one pile to another, and then back but I didn’t manage to actually pack anything. I’m stuck on “how many pairs of pants/skirts do I need vs. how many I want to take”. It’s a continuous battle in my brain. The travel jitters have really really hit me, I can’t sleep, and all can do is circle my suitcase moving clothes around. It looks like a closet barfed on my livingroom floor.

Ahhh! Its almost 4am, that means I have 24 hours until I need to be at the airport. *panic!*


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Wow! I just spent more on buttons than on the yarn for this sweater. But no other button would do, I looked at a whole wall of buttons during my lunch break but no, none of them came close. Of course, I needed 38 of them… and I got the yarn for quite cheap, so I guess it evens out in the end! Behold:

I loooove them! Just… not looking forward to sewing on 38 buttons.

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